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About Us

Crop.Evolution GmbH is a spin off from the Technical University of Dortmund. We manufacture bio-based compounds for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food/feed industries. With our plant-based production system, we aim to set an example in ecosystem-respecting and climate-protecting manufacturing processes. Additionally, we are dedicated to develop innovative analytical, extraction and purification methods.

Crop.Evolution supported by b.value Deutsche Biotechnologie Beteiligungsaktiengesellschaft, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Oliver Kayser, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schembecker (both TU Dortmund) and the BMBF.


Plants are a keystone in human and animal nutrition. They are a source of life and ensure global survival. They form unique ecosystems which serve as ground for large diversity of animals and microbial communities. Furthermore they provide recreational functions.
In addition, plants sustainably produce biomass and valuable ingedients of the highest quality and purity. Crop.Evolution's goal is using plant-based production systems in order to manufacture valuable products for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and as nutrition/feed additives.
By developing novel plant-based products sustainably, Crop.Evolution aims to set an example in ecosystem-respecting and climate-protecting manufacturing processes.


Successful application for project funding from the KMUi introductory module.

In October 2018 Crop.Evolution GmbH receceived a grant notification in the amount of 50.000 €. The funded project will perform preparatory experiments for extraction and analysis of valuable ingredients. In parallel a market study and a market entry study will also be conducted.

Funded by

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There are no vacancies at the moment. However, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals. If you are interested in working for Crop.Evolution, please email your resume as well as a description of your desired position to